What is Pure Squared or P2 Water?

P2-water is drinkable energy. Regular drinking water and bottled water are merely cleaned and filtered but P2-water takes water to the next level by passing on its energy to its consumer. Since the human body in composed of approximately 70% water, the quality, nature and amount of water consumed should be considered a priority.
P2-water is highly energized water and has the lowest molecular cluster of water, which actually increases life-giving energy to activate the cells of living things. The effect of P2-water on living things is remarkable.

The smaller cluster size of water can go immediately into the cell membrane. It goes into the cell membrane with calcium ion, which is then increased in cell membrane and cell cytoplasm. This increases and improves the cell’s activities. When P2-water is absorbed into your body, it can carry more oxygen, which your body needs, than conventional water. This helps to make serve circumstances for cancers in your body.

What are the differences between P2 Water and water?





 Highly energized state of ferric-ferrous salts

 General minerals

 Control oxidation reduction

 Oxidation reduction reaction

 Control hazardous and toxic substances

 Action of harmful substances

 Homeostasis ( Maintain suitability condition of living body )

 Changed by exterior environment

 High energy

 Low energy

 Smaller molecular structure ( 53 hz )

 Large molecule ( 130 hz )

 Inhibition of rotting


 Control germ and bacterium

 Propagation germs and bacterium

 pH balance

 Acidic/artificially strong alkali

 High dissolved oxygen

 Low dissolved oxygen

 Memorizes and transfers life information


Is there a limit to how much I can drink each day?

There are no limit in how much you can drink each day (remember it is water after all). However because of the efficient level of detoxification you may not want your body to excrete toxic too quickly, you might want to start with 3-5 glasses per day before increasing to 8-10 glasses per day at later stage.

Is there any harmful effect from drinking P2 Water?

As before there is absolutely no harm of drinking water or P2 water. Note that those who suffer from kidney disorder should beware of their sodium intake.

What role does Nanotechnology play in P2 Water production?

“Nanotechnology is the understanding and control of matter at dimensions of roughly 1 to 100 nanometers, where unique phenomena enable novel applications." - US National Nanotechnology Institute

In this case, Nanotechnology plays its part in rearranging the structure of the molecule.






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