We are the representative of seller mandate and able to provide Sugar IC45 - Thailand Origin & Brazil Origin. THAIF BRAZILF

Please find below the details.

1. COMMODITY:  Refined White Sugar ICUMSA 45 RBU.


Commodity:                                  Refined Wdhite Cane Sugar Icumsa 45
Polarization:                                 99.80% Minimum
Origination:                                  Thailand / Brazil
Specification:                                Fit for human consumption
Sediments:                                   None
SO2:                                            70 MG/KG Maximum
ICUMSA:                                      45 RBU MAX 
Sediments:                                   None
Reducing Sugar:                           0.05% Maximum
Moisture (% total):                        0.04% Maximum
Ash Content:                                 0.04% Maximum
Granulation:                                  Medium to fine grade
MAX  As                                       1 P.P.M
MAX  Os                                       2 P.P.M Maximum
MAX CU                                        3 P.P.M.
Solubility:                                     100% dry and free flowing
Radiation:                                     Normal w/o presence of cesium or iodine, certified
Color @420nm:                             Sparking White Cane Sugar Maximum 45ICUMSA
Smell:                                          Free of any odor
Crop:                                           Recent
Commodity shall be free from         Mold, unnatural odors, chemicals and insects
Sensory Evaluation                        A. Taste Pass         B.Odor Pass
Appearance                                  Pass


2. ORDER QUANTITY:   MOQ 500 MT (Container / Bulk)

3. PACKING:  Polypropylene bags, 50 KGs net of sugar.

4. PERFOMANCE BOND: 2% from seller side

5. DEAL TYPE: Spot OR Contract

6. PAYMENT TERMS: Irrevocable, Transferable, Confirmed, L/C at site 100% (by top 50 bank only)


We are strict in insisting upon these procedures to proceed with any kind of business.

No past performance documentation will be provided - whether un-sanitized or sanitized as these documents relate to our clients.  Any such documentation produced to prospective buyers is deemed unethical.

-  Buyer sends Bank Endorsed ICPO or ICPO with current date BCL under “Globiztar Company Limited” and sign NCND starting from End Buyer side
-  Seller sends draft contract with conformations.
-  Buyer sends contract with seal and signatures.
-  Buyer opens Pre -advice L/C Once contract is signed, they must send Non-Operative or Pre-Advised Letter of Credit 100% payment at sight.
-  Proof of Product will be given Bank-to-Bank
-  PB 2% will be open as to activate Letter of Credit 100% at Sight
-  Buyer can also visit the ware house if desire, invitation letter for inspection will be issued
-  Loading within 10 working days.
-  Shipment commences

8. DELIVERY PERIOD: 30-45 days after Letter of Credit being activated

Please contact Manote Sachphorndet via email manote@globiztar.com or call +6689 673 6004
We welcome agents who introduce end buyers and step aside, and wait for finalization and shipments and commission payments. 



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