Making of Benjarong
The production of Benjarong is a process known to only a handful of families in Thailand which have passed it down through generations. The process of how it is made and how the patterns and paints are applied, are all considered as the masterpieces.
Porcelain Selection
White Porcelain (Bone China and Royal Porcelain) which have been selected must had been fired at the temperature between 1150-1280 degree Celsius for many hours. White ware must not have any defect. Once we get all white wares as required, the cleaning process is necessary to avoid oily surface from sweated hand.

Draw line by hypodermic syringe and prepare as follow:-
- Clean internal and external of selected 1 CC syringe with thinner about 2-3 times and leave it until dry.
-Size of syringe is varied from 25 to 27. If you want a fine thin line then use no. 27 and no. 25 will give a thick line.
-Once syringe is ready in hand, then cut the sharp end tip off and have remaining part about 5-10 mm then rub the shaft edge off with sharpening stone or abrasive paper. Once finish, carry out external and internal cleaning by thinner again.
-Precaution to be taken when cutting the sharp end tip off by ensuring that the remaining part of syringe is not blocked by foreign material.
-Once everything are ready, re-assembly the syringe tightly and fill with gold paint up to half full of syringe then drawing can be performed .

Draw line by paint brush
It is done by separate gold paint in a small glass bottle 1"x1" (fill 1-2 cc in the bottle). Drawing can be performed straight away by using a sharp end tip brush.

Specialized paint for our Benjarong product is required for our skillful painting purpose. Paint must be well crushed and mixed with water in appropriate ratio. Ceramic or equivalent material mortar is used for crushing purpose. Watch for suitable ratio by not having too dry or too wet paint. This paint now ready for painting as required. They are various colors of paint but mainly 5 colors are being used as the basic. Right color is used for painting in each part that was designed by the artist and customer's requirement. We do not allow to have too thick or too thin paint. If the paint is too thick, then it will not be completely fired and the color will not be shown as expected. Paint must not overlap with any line of the other color.

Once painting and inspection are completed, and If there is no defection found, then painted wares can now be put in the kiln. Leave the space between them 0.5-1cm. Precaution to be taken by no allow painted wares to touch each other as that would cause damaged paint after firing. Temperature in the kiln to be control between 1150-1280 degree Celsius and will take about 4-5 hours firing time. Once firing is completed, we shall leave Benjarong for a while to cool down the temperature, and then the products are ready to be taken off from the kiln.

Quality Control
Apart from strict control during each stages of production, we would check the quality of the finished Benjarong before delivery to the customer in order to make sure that the customer receive the items with great satisfaction.


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