Taking Care of Benjarong

Our Benjarong would last for a lifetime and the colors will not be faded under the appropriate supervision. Thus, we are please to provide you with some tips for taking care of your Benjarong:-

• These Benjarong are fragile which is similar to other ceramic, it would be shattered if dropped on the floor. Please keep out of reach from the children.
• The colors used in making Benjarong are good quality which is to ensure that it will not be faded. However, please avoid direct exposure to sunlight for long periods.
• Please do not place Benjarong in Microwave oven as it contain metallic gold.
• You can safely wipe your Benjarong frequently with a soft dry cloth. Please make sure that there are no abrasive materials like Buttons, Hooks and Clips on the cloth used. Occasionally, you could use a very lightly moist cloth to wipe the Benjarong.
• To clean a Benjarong dinner service piece such as a dinner plate, platter, sauce boat or tureen, it is advisable to hand wash only, as you would do with any other bone china.
• Please make sure that your Benjarong are not rubbed with hard or pointed surfaces, Steel Vessels or Pins, as the Benjarong may be scratched and ruin out its artistic beauty.
• Please do not wash with any silver because any rust from the silver could cause a grey mark on a piece of Benjarong dinner ware.
• Please use soft sponge to clean Benjarong.
• Please do not use cleaners or scouring agents
• Please do not let your Benjarong sit in the sink or basin for a long period of time.
• For the suggestion, you may keep your Benjarong In a closed glass showcase with the spot light in the showcase, so that you could enjoy its beauty with joy all the time.


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